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A Brain-dead student becomes an organ donor and gave a new lease of life to five persons in Chennai. The family of the deceased came forward to organ donation and also wanted to raise awareness of organ donation. To commemorate the same, Rela Hospital and Transtan (Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu) jointly felicitated the organ donor family to raise more awareness about organ donation and its importance. Mr. Karthik Raja was a 19-year-old final-year college student and a resident of West Mambalam, Chennai met with a grievous near dead accident 4th July 2022 near Vandalur. He was immediately rushed to a nearby private hospital for treatment. There, he was advised for higher care centre and the family rushed him to the Rela Hospital in Chennai for further treatment.

Despite best efforts by Rela Neuro Experts, Karthik Raja couldn’t be revived and was pronounced brain inactive/ dead however his other vital organs were functioning well. Rela Social Workers and medical experts explained Karthik Raja’s condition to his family. The family came forward towards organ donation with a vision of helping many other families live peacefully. Rela Hospital requested the government authorities for permission to harvest the organs from the brain-dead patient and the Tamil Nadu government gave legal authorization to do the same as an urgent measure, understanding the urgency.

Ms Raja Jothi, sister of the donor said, “I know this is exactly what he would have wanted. He was a selfless person who never hesitated to come forward and help those in need. Although he was 19 years but his maturity level was that of a 40 year old. It’s a bitter truth that my brother is not alive today but he is living in 5 different bodies and with 5 families. I am proud that my brother’s organs have saved these 5 lives and he will continue to live between us forever. He is the real life Hero."

On 7th July, the procedure of harvesting the organs was successfully conducted by the medical team of Rela Hospital. A kidney and Heart were transplanted to patients who are being treated at the Rela Hospital in Chrompet. Another kidney, 2 lungs and liver were transplanted on other patients.

Dr. R.Kanthimathiy, Member Secretary, Transtan said, “Every life is important, everyone deserves to live, and that’s what we believe at Transtan. I can proudly say that Tamil Nadu has been leading the country in organ transplantation. Lastly, I am really thankful to the donor’s family who came forward for this noble cause and made a difference to so many lives. They are truly the UNSUNG HEROES.”

“Organ donation by a brain-dead person can give a second life to many patients who are fighting every day for their survival. One organ just doesn’t only help one life, but also many upcoming generations. We really thank the family members of Karthik Raja, who had agreed generously to donate his organs. His organs are now transplanted in many patients and saved their lives”- said Dr. Gauthaman, Medical Director at Rela Hospital.



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