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On Sunday 5th February 2023, local police on the information of some people, took an action to identify people living in a field by making their own slum areas in Sikandra area of Agra. The police found 36 People as Bangladeshi.

It may be due to any reason, but the fact is that more than 12 years were passed, and no one could identify Bangladeshi Intruders who have been living in Agra by developing a self-made slum area in total area of 2000 Square meters – a gated slum area with Valid Aadhar Card, Ration Card and even some of them have Pan Cards too. The game of intruding starts with the Insurance Policy. Indian agents are playing a key role in their program to enter India illegally through Boats by entering the state of Bengal and then reach to different parts of the country.

They were found in Sikandra Area of Agra where they were living with family. Their bread and butter source is to collect dump and debris from roads, streets and other sources, scrap from local areas and then sell it to agencies.

They are living in a planned way – choose an area where no one lives – start their residency as huts of plastic and other useless items – called as Jhuggi and Jhopari  with Dish connection, electricity and everything they need. They have their own jury system to make the decisions on any dispute.

One of the intruders named Harul remarks; the intruding program is done in a planned way by the Indian agents. They do everything systematically by entering in West Bengal and reach Howrah and Kolkata. They live here for one to two years, learn Hindi through Movies, and try to make their identification as local people and then reach to different cities in India.

From Rickshaw pulling to selling items on footpaths and from collecting debris from streets to scrap, they do all the works to earn their bread and butter.

When someone asks them about their identity, they told them that they are from West Bengal. They apply for Aadhar Card and other proofs of Identity to prove that they are India. 

Agencies and police has identified Bangladeshis many a times and sent them back to their nations. But the Indian agents are still active and provide them entry. Haarul also remarks that each intruder has to pay approx 20000 INR to enter India. Agents also ensure that their entry will be secure, but they are not responsible for any risk of the way – like arrested by Border Forces or shoot dead.

15 Men, 13 Women and a few children were arrested. It is expected that Bangalore and Chennai are the hub of Bangladeshis, where agencies and Police need to be strict and take strong actions.



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