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 Scottish business and entrepreneur Adam Lee Brown is a respected name among his peers, a known investor and visionary overseas and now he is all geared up to tap into the Indian market with entertainment and crypto, two of the biggest food chains in the market today.

Adam Lee Brown will kick-start his expansion plans with the biggest OTT platform, Cinema Junction, which will cater the market space with Hollywood movies. Ranging from series, mega blockbusters and mid-level content driven drama, romance, sci-fi and other genres, which doesn’t release in India.

Adam further has plans to invest and back local content, new stories for production, which is also in the pipeline. In addition to entertaining people with his OTT platform, he plans to provide employment with his crypto investment and trading venture.

“India is the most vibrant economy in the world. People are open to all sorts of ventures and avenues, there desire to excel in life is far bigger than possible avenues present now, I’ve plans for establishing my base and expand in this beautiful, vibrant, and culturally rich democracy,”

“Cinema Junction is my humble attempt to introduce all sorts of content from overseas to Indian audiences and business opportunities,” said Adam.

Adam is collaborating with STT, a brand-new coin, to venture into the India market.



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