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A purchase deal of 470 Aeroplanes in total has been signed between Tata group’s Air India and America’s Boeing and Europe’s Airbus. This is the biggest deal to date that is going to happen in Aviation Industry for around 100 billion dollars (approx 8 lakh crore INR) investment. Out of 470, 220 planes will be purchased from Boeing and 250 will be from Airbus. According to American President Joe Biden, this deal will open the way for 10 lakh job opportunities in 44 states of United States of America. Europe will also get benefitted.

Boeing is a Multinational Company which is into the manufacturing of Aeroplanes, Rockets, Satellites, Missiles and other Telecommunication Devices. Boeing is also working on one Human flight space mission along with NASA. Sunita Villiams to go into Space with Boeing Capsule in the month of April along with Butch Wilmore which will be the first human space flight spacecraft developed by Boeing.The spacecraft on which they are working is known by the name of Boeing Starliner Calypso.  
Similarly Airbus is also an Aeroplane manufacturing company based out in Europe and majorly dealing with aircraft manufacturing.



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