APEX: Safeguarding the Medical Community as a Priority

Apex Insurance Company Limited (AICL) is probably the world's first and only genuine risk management platform for doctors and the medical community at large, wherein the entire company invests all its

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APEX: Safeguarding the Medical Community as a Priority

Apex Insurance Company Limited (AICL) is probably the world's first and only genuine risk management platform for doctors and the medical community at large, wherein the entire company invests all its energies and resources to safeguard them from all kinds of potential dangers. This noble organization takes pride in securing the best interests of the medical professionals against all odds, from the time the top management discovered over two decades back that most Indian medical professionals are inhibited by inadequate access to educated experts, learned professionals and a well-experienced workforce. Their dependence on non-descript insurance companies keeps them on tenterhooks which thwarts their abilities to offer their noble services to the fullest.

Creating a niche for itself as a result of its strong medico-legal expertise and well-trained legal professionals, Apex is credited for revolutionizing the vital medical community to be abreast of potential crises as well as receive and protect themselves with timely, top-notch professional guidance.

Growth of the company equity

Since the year 2001, Apex has selflessly offered its expertise to tackle the various types of medico-legal and legal requirements of doctors and hospitals. This includes professional and personal risk management that encompasses all laws, Acts and all types of cases. In other words, the organization has expanded and enriched its service portfolio to cater to the complete risk management requirement cycle.

In the process, the company has fought and saved INR 10,000 Cr+ worth of risk claims transactions and helped over 25,000+ doctors and hospitals connect with top experts in the country and generate a solution to their problems. All in a bid to secure their growth and efficacy in the long run.

As the organization amplified in scale and size, it found its mission moving beyond being just a risk management organization to creating more possibilities in this critical domain. The diligent company knew that there needed to be something more significant to further cement its place as numero uno in this vital realm. This led to the birth of Dream Apex.

Welcome to Dream Apex

The world's first all-risk managed and all-possibility platform for medical professionals, Dream Apex promotes convenience in day-to-day practice, including complete transparency and effective collaborations.

Apex believes that facilitating a convenient and an all-risk-managed practice isn't a privilege, but a fundamental right for all doctors and hospitals. The Group acknowledges there are hurdles as well as laws and Acts to deal with. It has thus come up with the world's most powerful tech infrastructure to initiate quick access and timely, quality services. Through this platform, this ever-evolving brand intends to create innovative pathways to help more healthcare professionals and service providers unleash their true potential with complete peace of mind.

Enjoy the multifarious benefits with Dream Apex

Explore DreamAp: This all-in-one revolutionary tech platform helps simplify the complete medical practice and journey.

DreamAp Record-keeping: Built with guaranteed safety to the highest possible level. This helps doctors receive instant access to services from the comfort of their workplace and a super-competitive comparison by connecting them with India's top experts, all on one platform!

DreamAp Patients Services: Serving the patients better, together! Any-time access, different modes of communication as well as enabling doctors to discover, go live and collaborate using multiple payment options from their application only.

DreamAp Accounts: Optimized to the core. Connect with the financial dealings of patients on a fully integrated, easy-to-use platform to seamlessly manage financial records and accounts.

DreamAp Pools Securitization: The all-important securitization management for day-to-day working, from appointment booking to the listing of services for the public. DreamAp has the bandwidth to operate, manage and monitor the complete practice platform.

DreamAp Cash Back: Another top feature exclusively for the hospitals and doctors. This end-to-end fixed income platform facilitates individuals and hospitals to charge their patients for all the records and prescriptions, including facilitating them to secure these important documents forever.

DreamAp Build: Locate, compare and choose any insurance as per the most competitive rates and offers.

Always at your service!

Although ever-growing and ever-evolving, the core values of Apex remain the same – its commitment to providing the best experience to its members and partners and building solutions that enable the medical fraternity to unlock their full potential. Every day, the organization reconfirms its pledge to continue fighting for the rights and securing their future of the medical fraternity.

More power to Apex and the noble work it undertakes tirelessly and selflessly!publive-image

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