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Apple TV unveils a disturbing, spooky and based on real events, teaser for a new series titled Five Days at Memorial, based around Hurricane Katrina leaving 45 people dead in a hospital.

The series stars Vera Farmiga, Cherry Jones, Robert Pine, Cornelius Smith Jr., Julie Ann Emery, and Adepero Oduye.

Based on actual events from Hurricane Katrina, Five Days at Memorial tells the story of the many exhausted caregivers at a New Orleans hospital who were forced to make heart-wrenching decisions amidst the storm's aftermath.

Doctors and nurses at the intensive care unit of a New Orleans' hospital struggle with treating many patients during Hurricane Katrina when the facility is without power for 5 days.

It's based on the book of the same name by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sheri Fink. The teaser provides a look at some of the struggles they were dealing with, including limited food and water, and no extra supplies.

Five Days at Memorial is a mini-series created by Carlton Cuse and John Ridley. The series is helmed by Wendey Stanzler.

Developed by ABC Signature and Scott Rudin Productions. Apple will release the series from 12th August 2022



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