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Selecting a birthday gift for girlfriend doesn’t need to be a nerve-racking process anymore. Blingvine has launched a “Birthday Gift” jewellery collection, which is a curated collection of jewellery pieces that will make a perfect birthday gift for girlfriend. Their stylists have curated this collection to cover all tastes and preferences; so, it ranges from traditional designs to modern chic pieces and from grand crystal designs to dainty enamel pieces.

Blingvine offers an expansive variety of high-quality earrings, necklace sets, pendant sets and bracelets. There is something for everyone, making the process of choosing a birthday gift for girlfriend a fun experience. The wide variety of design aesthetic ensures there is something for every woman. For ambitious career-oriented girls with a modern taste in jewellery, there are edgy and chic pieces such as Milky Way Necklace Set or Vivian Bracelet. For extrovert girls, one can choose bold pieces that tend to make a statement such as Wildlife Choker Set or Hollywood Necklace Sets.

For the girls who prefer a clean and minimal look, there is a wide range of studs and minimal jewellery. And if girlfriend is more comfortable with a traditional Indian look, there are festive necklace sets and earrings that would be a perfect birthday gift for her.

Birthday gifts for girlfriends, or for anyone for that matter, no longer have to break the bank in exchange for quality. Blingvine prioritises quality while offering the niftiest pieces at affordable rates, making them high value for money and tasteful at the same time. Blingvine jewellery is refined, looks like fine jewellery and is extremely high quality, and owing to the quality of polish and material, these pieces can be cherished for years to come.

The founder of Blingvine, Garima Singh points out, “There is an intimacy in gifting one's partners. These are gifts filled with love and meaning, and gifting jewellery is an intimate decision. At the same time, we understand that it sometimes becomes very difficult for men to decide on a gift for their girlfriends. That’s precisely why we created this collection. We’ve ensured that each piece makes for a perfect birthday gift and they are shipped out in beautiful jewellery boxes as always.”

The collection is available exclusively on Blingvine’s official website, blingvine.com and the prices start from Rs 1500.



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