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Animal health veterans and human dental experts have combined and formed a start-up company dedicated to the development of superior oral health care products for companion animals, currently developing non-invasive tartar removal products, using an exclusive demonstrated patented technology.

The new company, DENTALIS Animal Health, is headquartered in Montreal and is led by:

  • CEO David Hauptman
  • President and Product Development Director Kevin McDonnell, serial entrepreneur and co founder of TetraGenx Animal Heath, Provetica AH and Vetio AH.
  • Chief Scientific Officer Hansruedi Siegrist , ex Global Head of Technical Development at Novartis Animal Health and Management Consultant at Elanco AH.
  • Regulatory Affairs Director , Jennifer (Rice) Thayer. Founder of Knotty Tide Consulting

 "The DENTALIS AH team with its impressive track record will use the novel technology to develop superior oral health care products for companion animals,” Said President Kevin McDonnell

Three products are in development, DENTALIS reported.

McDonnell predicted fast growth for DENTALIS.

"By mid 2024, assuming positive development results, DENTALIS expects its first product to be approved and forecasts potential revenues up to $25 million in its first commercial year," he said.


We strive to discover new ways to improve and extend our companion animal’s lives through science based oral health innovation.

View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220930005472/en/



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