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The teaser of the song had fans excited as Nikki Tamboli and Tanmay Ssingh team up for this high-octane dance single that is sure to get you on your feet, marking their first on-screen collaboration.

The song "Chhori," written by Danish Sabri, who has written the music and lyrics for several Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan movies, features vocals from Sonu Kakkar and Vee Kapoor and is directed by Aslam Khan and Ravi Akhade. The lavish production was shot against a colourful backdrop to reflect the song's upbeat mood and features the leads in completely different avatars.

‘Chhori’ was launched with much fanfare at Angrezi Dhaba in Bandra, as guests grooved to the song with the energy being at an all-time high along with artists Nikki and Tanmay. 

Say Shikha Kalra, Alim Morani and Prateek Chaurasia of Global Desi Records, “Chhori is  celebratory and high energy all the way through; just the perfect start to the Global Desi Records journey. We at Global Desi Records couldn't be more excited to make our inroad into the music industry with this track."

Talking about the song, Nikki Tamboli, “I’m really looking forward to this song because the passion and love for dance has increased incredibly for me and luckily this song is a dance number where you just can’t stop grooving to it. I’m sure my audience will love this track."

Adds Tanmay Ssingh, “It was amazing working with Nikki Tamboli on this track and both of us brought our energy and enthusiasm to it in full strength. We hope audiences enjoy it.”

Says Sonu Kakkar, “The genre of the track allowed us to go crazy with the vocals. It’s a complete masala party song and was so much fun to record.”

Adds Vee Kapoor,”The lyrics of Chhori are desi and quirky and we just brought in that flavour with our vocals.”

Add directors Aslam Khan and Ravi Akhade, “Everything from the colours, the elements, the props and the outfits used in Chhori reflect the mood and vibe of the track – It’s vibrant and uptempto and audiences are going to love this one.”

Global Desi Records presents ‘Chhori’ produced by Shikha Kalra, Alim Morani and Prateek Chaurasia. With vocals by Sonu Kakkar and Vee Kapoor, the music video directed by Aslam Khan and Ravi Akhade featuring Tanmay Ssingh and Nikki Tamboli is out now on Global Desi Records’ YouTube channel.



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