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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:  Committed to adhering to regulatory compliance in the changing financial industry landscape, the Fintech company Angel One Limited (formerly known as Angel Broking Limited) has appointed Dr. Pravin Bathe as the Chief Legal & Compliance Officer. In his capacity, he will enable the company to thrive in a dynamic regulatory environment.

Dr. Bathe brings with him 21 years of rich experience to provide strategic guidance. Prior to joining Angel One Limited, Dr. Bathe headed compliance for investment banking, institutional equities and research analyst as well as a certain level of applicable global compliances and policies at Citigroup as their Head of Compliance for India.

He was also instrumental in setting up a full-fledged Compliance, Surveillance and Inspection department in Edelweiss and developed in-house systems for trade surveillance, monitoring and pre-clearances for insider trading, client screening under PMLA and many other compliance-related activities. Dr. Bathe has worked with SEBI in the initial days, being primarily responsible for the supervision of intermediaries, carrying out inspections and framing policies.

Mr. Narayan Gangadhar, Chief Executive Officer, Angel One Limited said, “We are delighted to have Dr. Pravin Bathe as our Chief Legal & Compliance Officer. He brings with him rich experience of 21 years in the field of compliance. With excitement and optimism, I am looking forward to the company’s growth while adhering to all corporate processes and laws.”

Talking about his joining at Angel One Limited, Dr. Pravin Bathe, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, said, “I am glad to be a part of Angel One. It is an exciting time to be associated with the fintech industry. I strongly believe that digital-first and fintech is the way ahead. They will take the Capital Market to the next level. In my role, I am looking forward to strengthening the compliance team and compliance culture at Angel One. I hope that with my team's support, the company continues to function within the ambit of the regulatory framework and achieve greater heights.”

Dr. Bathe has built this exemplary career after gaining several qualifications. He has a doctorate in Banking and Finance and a master's degree in finance, marketing and economics.

About Angel One Limited

Angel One Limited (formerly known as Angel Broking Limited) (NSE: ANGELONE, BSE: 543235) is the largest listed retail stock broking house in India, in terms of active clients on NSE. Angel One Fintech company Angel One Limited appoints ex-Citigroup Dr. Pravin Bathe as the Chief Legal & Compliance Officer is a technology-led financial services company providing broking and advisory services, margin funding, loans against shares and distribution of third-party financial products to its clients. The broking and allied services are offered through (i) online and digital platforms and (ii) network of Authorized Persons.

Angel One Limited extensively uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a superior digital experience. The company has built a host of digital properties like Angel One Mobile App, Angel BEE Mobile App, ‘ARQ Prime’ a rule-based recommendation engine, ‘SmartAPI’ a free-to-integrate API platform, ‘Smart Money’ an investor education platform, ‘SmartStore’ a marketplace for fintech products, learning platform and social forums for 8+ million clients.



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