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Focus EduSolutions is excited to announce that they will now be offering Smart Manufacturing Credentials to Indian students through an American University, Cleveland State University. These credentials were launched in the United States earlier this year and have proven to help those seeking to advance their careers and open job opportunities related to Smart Manufacturing. Smart Manufacturing is growing rapidly in India resulting in the need for change in education, businesses, and workforce infrastructure to keep up with the growing demand of the industry. The transition from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 is driving the adoption of newer technology-based solutions which have been much-needed to transform the manufacturing sector. Making this sector a large participant in the development of the Indian economy. The focus has turned toward becoming self-reliant by emphasizing local manufacturing giving a large boost to the Indian manufacturing sector.

Over the past two decades, manufacturing has not only become a global effort, but also pushing India to face global competition. The globalization of manufacturing has resulted in many changes to the industry, one being the “Make in India” initiative. The Make in India initiative was started by the Prime Minister in 2014 to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub. This initiative spearheaded the wider adoption of Industry 4.0 in the country.

With the shift in the industry comes a need for new skill sets in the workforce. These credentials are designed by experts in the industry and in partnership with industry associations to ensure quality and alignment to the needs and operations of manufacturing today. Students taking these micro-credentials will understand the foundations of smart manufacturing, changing technologies, new operations processes, and leading the business with new technologies and data for better decision-making and stronger bottom-lines. These credentials are designed for multiple industry positions, such as those in production, engineering, and leadership.

Smart Manufacturing Micro-Credentials being offered:

  • Smart Manufacturing- Building Professional Expertise in Industry 4.0: With this credential, learners will establish a foundational understanding of Smart Manufacturing, from the core underlying technologies to its impact on an organization and its people. Intended for anyone in a manufacturing company seeking to understand how modern technologies are being applied to drive value for the business. This credential will help define Smart Manufacturing in terms that can be translated into operational business value.
  • Advanced Proficiency in Operational Process Improvement through Industry 4.0 Technology and Strategy: This credential illustrates the advances of Smart Manufacturing versus the old way of doing business, leveraging modern technologies, methodologies, and mindset for the sake of driving value in operations. With stronger operational content there is a greater focus on the application of these technologies for data management, reporting, analysis, process modeling, and project implementation.
  • Advanced Leadership in Smart Manufacturing – Driving the Business with Industry 4.0 Solutions: This credential is made for the Smart Manufacturing leader who is responsible for business development, driving the bottom line, and ensuring a strong culture that can be adaptive and withstand the changes necessary to bring them into the future of Industry 4.0 in manufacturing.

Enrollment for Smart Manufacturing-Building Professional Expertise in Industry 4.0 is now open, and the program will begin on August 13th.

Enrollment for Advanced Proficiency in Operational Process Improvement through Industry 4.0 Technology and Strategy and Advanced Leadership in Smart Manufacturing – Driving the Business with Industry 4.0 Solutions will launch early this fall.

For more information and to enroll please visit: https://partnerships-india.focusedusolutions.com/csuohio/smartmanufacturing-level1

For additional questions please contact [email protected]



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