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The best fourteen students from Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane have topped the JEE examination,2022 for the academic year 2022. The Hiranandani Foundation School champions are now eligible to enter the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) league of colleges out of which four are eligible for IIT Bombay. Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane in collaboration with FIITJEE has triumphed in mentoring and coaching bright young minds to transform into intellectual pundits.

Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Founder and Trustee, Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane while congratulating the winners on this jubilant occasion expressed that, “Consistency and perseverance are the two important virtues for sustainable growth. It helps to develop a risk appetite and build a resilient mindset.”

Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane consistently works toward striving for academic excellence and honing a talent pool to accomplish a holistic education paradigm. The Hiranandani Foundation School is a co-educational, English medium ICSE school founded in 1990 by the Hiranandani Foundation, a registered charitable trust. The objective of the school is to form minds which can be critical, and which can verify and not accept everything they are offered; to mould students who become creative, inventive, and innovative young men and women capable of doing new things. The school aims at an all-round character formation of its students and the development of proper attitudes.​



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