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Redbud Studios drops the first official trailer for Frank & Penelope, marking the feature directorial debut of actor Sean Patrick Flanery. 
The film stars Caylee Cowan, Billy Budinich, Kevin Dillon, Sean Patrick Flanery, Johnathon Schaech, Donna D'Errico, and Lin Shaye. 
Leaving their broken lives behind, Frank and Penelope head West with no destination in mind but each other. But a chance meeting leads them to the “Table of Truth” with a seductive, charismatic cult leader who has a penchant for travelers' darkest secrets – and his own ideas on sins of the flesh. 
Two soulmates who had nothing to for live now find themselves in a bloody battle for life and love in a world where EVERYTHING is worth dying for. 
It's based on the original story by John Thaddeus. Produced by Scott Dolezal, Van Scott Folger, Andrew Shebay. The film is slated for 3rd June, 2022 release. 





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