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Fujitec Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Taipei, Taiwan; President Charles Chen), a group subsidiary of Fujitec Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shiga, Japan; President and CEO Takao Okada), has completed a facility expansion at its elevator plant in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The Hsinchu Plant manufactures elevators primarily for the Taiwanese market and also exports modernization package products to the global market. Equipment at the plant has been upgraded to increase Fujitec Taiwan’s share of the market in Taiwan and to strengthen price competitiveness in manufacturing and operation strategy. The facility expansion includes new automated sheet metal fabrication lines and welding robots, with certain areas of the facility operational unattended at night.

These upgrades will improve productivity and enhance the price competitiveness of the company's products. Fujitec expects Hsinchu Plant to produce 1,000 units per year by FY 2024, aiming for further global business expansion under Fujitec’s medium-term management plan, Vision24.

Overview of the Hsinchu Plant


No.12, Wen Hua Road, Hu-Kou Shiang, Hsin-Chu Hsien, Postcode:303 Taiwan R.O.C. (Hsinchu Industrial Park)

Manufacturing Equipment

Elevator and modernization equipment


(For Taiwan and global markets)

Year of Factory Startup


Site Area

12,000 m2

Environmental Contribution of the Hsinchu Plant

In support of Taiwan's green energy policy, the Hsinchu Plant leases its roof space to a solar power generation company. The operator generates 170,000 kWh of electricity annually from the solar panels, contributing to the generation of green energy. In addition, the installation of the power generation panels prevents sunlight from shining directly on the roof of the plant, which lowers the temperature inside the plant and contributes to a better working environment.

Fujitec Taiwan Overview

Head Office

Taipei, Taiwan



Line of Business

Manufacture, sale, installation, maintenance, and repair of elevators and escalators

Relationship With Parent Company

Consolidated subsidiary

Number of Locations in Taiwan




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