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G2, the biggest global software business review industry player, recently ranked Happay as a ‘Leader’ and ‘High Performer’ in six different categories in its Winter 2023 reports. According to G2, Leaders have high customer satisfaction scores, and a large market presence, with customers highly likely to recommend the product to others.

As per the latest Regional Grid Reports for Winter 2023, Happay is now a Leader in 3 regions - India, Asia Pacific, and Asia. The Enterprise Grid Reports ranked Happay as a High Performer in both - ‘Travel Management’ and ‘Expense Management’ categories. The Grid report for Winter 2023 also has named Happay as a Leader in the ‘Travel & Expense’ category.

Founded in 2012, Happay is a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one integrated corporate travel, expense, and payments management solution. Over 7000+ customers globally across industries trust Happay as a specialist solution to efficiently run their expense management system and solve complex finance use cases with precision.

Earlier this year, Happay had already joined the elite G2 Leader group in the 'Travel and Expense Software' and 'Expense Management Software' categories. Products in the Leader and High Performer quadrants are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial market presence scores.

Happay is known for launching industry-first AI-driven solutions. Xpendite, Happay’s solution to eliminate manual expense filing, ensures that employee expenses are recorded automatically by capturing invoice and expense details from emails, credit card transactions, cab apps, SMS, physical bills etc. Another AI-enabled Happay invention for finance and admin teams - Smart Audit, automatically identifies policy violations such as duplicate invoices, filing of non-policy compliant items etc., thereby eliminating the need to manually audit expenses. Happay is also known for releasing niche features for solving geography-specific problems. For instance, it's the only product which ensures that 100% GST is claimed for all employee expenses.

Recently, Happay launched three new products in the market - Happay Invoice, Happay Analytics and Happay World Travel Cards.

Being the only company in the world to offer travel, expense, and payment stack together, Happay has one of the most flexible T&E platforms in the market. It is a preferred choice for many big companies like Tata Group, PWC, Maruti Suzuki etc.

G2 provides a high-level overview and is the largest and most trusted software marketplace, helping 60 million people every year make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews.



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