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Netflix shares the first trailer for yet another disturbing and spooky true crime documentary, this one titled Girl in the Picture. 
Helmed by Skye Borgman, and produced by Jimmy Fox, this one is based on the true story of a woman who was missing for 30 years and didn't even know her real name. It's based on an investigation by journalist Matt Birkbeck, who also appears in this doc talking about everything they figured out.
The jaw-dropping true crime story of a search to solve a 30-year mystery: who was Sharon Marshall, and why was her real identity unknown to everyone - even her? 
In his international bestseller A Beautiful Child and its follow-up, Finding Sharon, award-winning investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck told the heart-breaking story of a brilliant and beautiful teenager known as Sharon Marshall. Caught in the twisted web of the monster she called her father, Sharon wasn't even her real name. 
Netflix debuts this new Girl in the Picture doc streaming on Netflix starting July 6th, 2022.





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