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Singer, lyricist, and composer Anish Chhabra went against the market trend and released his
soothing romantic track Roohaniyat, amidst Garba and festival dance numbers. His sheer belief in his
ability to find his niche audience has finally paid off, and the melting pot of romance, has racked up a
massive 6 million hits within no time.
Anish Chhabra’s debut track Roohaniyat, just melts in your ears, touches your heart with its soothing
lyrics and eventually, the song takes its own sensitive space.
Expressing his love and gratitude for the song, Anish said, “The kind of love and appreciation
Roohaniyat has received, I am extremely grateful for the audience. I knew I was making a good song,
but finding such popularity and love, it is overwhelming”
“I wanted to create a track which was an ode to timeless classics, a song with a lot of heart,
sensitivity, love, and passion, it took me some time to find solid grounds, as the market is flooded
with dance mix, Garba specials, festival numbers, but I guess one just needs to have faith, and
everything just falls right into place” added Anish.
The song also features Digital Sensation and Actor Riva Arora and chronicles the tale of two
childhood friends, reigniting their bond, with innocence and love, during a school reunion meeting.
The song is set in a sensitive space, and the transition of feelings into adulthood requires some
thoughtfulness, which Anish is never short on.
Adding to the idea of the song, Anish said, “I wanted to create a relatable song, which has the
potential to be on the loop. The innocence of childhood love, is one of the purest heart-to-heart
feelings, and I am glad that I was able to envision my song and was able to create with my
composition and writing”
With the love anthem of the year released with Zee Music, Roohaniyat, turning into a massive hit,
Anish talks about his future plans, “I have many songs that are in the pipeline to be released which I
have been composing over past few years. I love performing live and recital of melodies to my
audience directly has always been life to me. I am always up for the stage.”



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