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Ahead of their wedding in Delhi, actor Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha shared a sweet audio message for friends, well-wishers and fans expressing their gratitude for love and support.

Richa Chadha took to her social media and shared the audio clip, she captioned it, “#RiAli”

In the audio clip, which opens up a phone call going to answering machine, Richa is heard saying, “You have reached the voicemail of Richa and Ali, leave a message after the beep…we have a message for you, two years ago we formalised our union and just then the pandemic hit us all. Putting a pause button on us like rest of the world”

Ali says, “Like the rest of the nation, we too were struck by personal tragedies one after the other”

And then Richa adds, “And now, as we all enjoy this window of respite, we are finally celebrating with our families and friends and are so very touched and grateful for all the blessings that are coming our way, we offer you nothing but love" the two said in the clip.

The pre-wedding festivities are set to take place starting today and tomorrow in two different venues across Delhi. The wedding will have all elements that are unique to the couple celebrating their favourite food, inspired decor elements amongst other things.

The duo was initially meant to be wedded in April 2020, but owing to covid restrictions and lockdowns, the wedding was positioned twice over. They first met on the sets of 'Fukrey' in 2012 and soon fell in love. 



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