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Guneet Monga, the executive producer of Oscar-winning documentary short film The Elephant Whisperers, is back in tinsel town, and was cheered by fans and paparazzi at the airport.

The paparazzi was also out in full strength and virtually made a bull run for her, with their cameras or microphones aimed at her, seeking her fresh reactions to her Oscar conquest. However, she barely spoke and was hardly audible in the milieu and her security personnel bundled her into a waiting car along the Oscar trophy within minutes.

All the time, Monga held on dearly to her coveted Oscar statuette - now becoming a familiar figurine in Indian entertainment circles, raised it, waved it a little, but it was mostly close to her chest, even in the vehicle.

Last week, Monga was catapulted to the global entertainment cloud nine when she bagged her second Oscar for the documentary, "The Elephant Whisperers".

She belongs to the small exclusive club of top film personalities who have won Oscars in various departments of film-making and gladdened the hearts of the countrymen, too.



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