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Hitachi Astemo today announced the installation of its ground mounted solar power plant of 3 megawatt (MW) at its Jalgaon manufacturing plant. The solar power plant is built in an area of 43301 sqm consisting of 7128 ground mounted solar panels and 10 inverters. This is the first Solar Power Plant of Hitachi Astemo in India, embarking a new beginning in the energy sector and a step towards building a sustainable environment, contributing to not only fulling the Prime Minister’s vision of making India carbon neutral by 2070 but also aiming towards achieving Hitachi’s mission of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The installation of the solar power plant is a testimony of Hitachi Astemo’s commitment towards making power more affordable, clean, and sustainable. The plant will eliminate close to 4000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions (equal to planting approx.150,000 trees) each year and will support in reducing electricity consumption charges as well.

In the first phase, Hitachi Astemo has installed in Jalgaon 3-megawatt solar power plant and will commission additional 1.5 megawatt solar power plant by March 2023.

Hitachi Astemo, a major new technology company with ambitious growth and environmental goals that entered the automotive market in 2021 is dedicated to the development, manufacture, sale, and service for automotive and transportation components, as well as industrial machinery and systems. At its Jalgaon plant, Hitachi Astemo manufactures brake systems (disc brakes & drum brakes) for 3-wheeler and 4-wheelers along with foundry operations. These systems contribute towards improvement of safety of end-users leading to enhancing the quality of citizen’s life.

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