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Talking about her birthday party, Shefali said, “Surprise and more surprise, I was not in Mumbai, I was someplace else working, he got the whole place decorated with cake and stuff, when I got back, he had the car decorated, when I reach home, the house was decorated, and now he got me this red dress, and asked me to get ready and get moving, and I did. He even got a tattoo for me” 

Actress Shefali Jariwala turns a year wiser today, on December 15. The diva got a special birthday surprise from husband Parag Tyagi, who also got her name tattooed on his arm. 

Apart from participating in the reality shows and her cameo stints in movies, Shefali made her name through music videos, and when asked about coming to the space, she said, “I am one who started the trend of music video, let people enjoy for the time being”

Further adding, Shefali quipped she is more focused on her acting now which goes beyond skin and glamor. “I am grateful for the projects coming my way, and to be honest I am very hungry and greedy for good content, and right now I am being offered varied roles which goes beyond glamour and skin.  I am getting roles which are helping me grow as an actor” added diva. 

Talking about Shefali’s birthday, Parag said, “Shefali is the best thing ever happened to me, and I think nothing is bigger than celebrating her birthday”.

Actor Shefali Jariwala was last seen in web show, Ratri Ke Yatri 2, where she plays the role of a sex worker.



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