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A few days before the Christmas and New Year 2023 were not all good for the people living in India and even in different parts of the world because of the China’s rate of growth on COVID cases with new variant has been detected and hitting all regions of China by storm with death rate touched a new record with dead bodies in waiting line on roads for kilometers. Nearly 3 weeks have passed with the scare from China and the good news is that India is free from worrying about the COVID because of no rise in the cases. However, Government is ready to face the situations with stock of vaccines and all essential things required like oxygen cylinders, PPE Kits, masks and beds for patient care. There is no sign of an uptick in infections in the nation.

According to the new reports, the country has been witnessing a slight decline in fresh cases after a few days of a marginal rise with overall numbers are remaining low. Health department clears through the press release that India reported lower than 1200 fresh cases during the week in comparison to previous records. The case count has remained below the number of 2000 for the past month. Death rate is also significantly lower – a good news from the department of health.

Government has issued a new advisory to wear masks in offices and at public places. Testing procedure has made compulsory for those arriving in India – mainly from China and other countries.

At global level, the cases of COVID are also falling for the past few days. Japan is still reporting the highest number of fresh cases in the last one week.

China has cleared no lockdown or any other restriction from 8th January, even after increasing number of cases.



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