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  • With nearly one-fifth of the company’s Top 50 hotels, Delhi NCR takes the top spot as the region with most booked OYOs in India, followed by Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune
  • Interestingly, stays near hospitals have the highest average occupancy rates, indicating high demand for affordable hotels from patient’s caretakers, visitors, medical staff
  • High demand around key transit hubs led by OYO’s effort to offer easy accessibility and flexibility in modification of bookings in case of last-minute changes

 Global travel technology company, OYO, is spread across 35+ countries with the largest hotel footprint in its headquarters - India. Given the platform’s vast presence across the country, it is easy to spot an OYO almost everywhere. But has anyone ever wondered which of these takes the top spot as the most popular OYO? Today, in a first, the company unveils its most booked OYOs across India. OYO’s data analysis reveals that nearly one-fifth of the company’s Top 50 list are based in Delhi NCR, making it the top region for the most booked OYOs in the country, followed by Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

However, as per OYO’s booking analysis, the most booked hotel isn't in any of these top 3 cities, but in Pune’s famous IT Hub - Hinjewadi. OYO Townhouse 100 Somani TC tops the charts as the platform’s most booked OYO. This 100+ room property is located at Hinjewadi, which houses offices of several global software companies and MNCs.

With nearly 20 hotels, a majority of OYOs in the top 50 list are located near important transit hubs and key corporate complexes, demonstrating high consumer demand for properties that are centrally located near commercial centers with easy accessibility to transport. This is followed by a high demand for hotels surrounded by nature and lush green views among leisure travellers.

The high demand for OYOs around key transit hubs can be attributed to the platform’s effort to offer affordable, hygienic stays having important amenities such as air-conditioning, pleasant ambience, fast net connectivity with easy accessibility and flexibility in modification of bookings in case of any last-minute changes.

India’s Top Ten Most Booked OYOs

Sr. No OYO Hotel City Proximity to nearby attractions
1 OYO Townhouse 100 Somani TC Pune Near an IT park, highway and entertainment hub
2 OYO Townhouse 127 Alpha Pune Near an education hub
3 OYO Townhouse 071 Brookfield Bangalore Near a commercial hub and residential area
4 OYO Townhouse 160 Sector 1 Vaishali Ghaziabad Near Vaishali metro station
5 OYO Townhouse 024 Sector 47 Gurgaon Gurgaon Near hospital
6 OYO Flagship 24491 Kharadi Pune Near IT park and a national highway
7 OYO 9405 Hotel Stay Home Hyderabad Near IT hub, business park & university
8 Silverkey Executive stays 28060, Gachibowli, JV colony Hyderabad Near corporate complex
9 OYO 10480 Hotel PMR Bangalore Near IT & Tech hub
10 OYO Townhouse 181 Ganeshpeth Colony Nagpur Near parks & ST transport square

 Additionally, as per OYO’s data, over 10% of the Top 50 properties maintained an occupancy rate of 100% or above in June 2022, the period for which this ranking has been compiled. Interestingly, nearly 24 of the Top 50 most booked hotels are OYO Townhouses, the platform’s mid-premium stay offering.

Location-based most booked OYOs

Another interesting insight is that stays near hospitals have the highest average occupancy rates, suggesting high demand from the patient’s caretakers, visitors and medical staff. High bookings are also visible near key transit hotspots such as railway stations and metros. As air travel bounced back strongly over the past quarter, demand for hotels near the airport also reflected a healthy jump in demand, with Delhi witnessing the highest demand near its Indira Gandhi International Airport in June 2022. Besides Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Lucknow and Surat are the top 5 cities witnessing strong booking uplift in airport proximity hotels in May - June 2022. As per OYO’s data analysis, the Hinjewadi Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in Pune emerged as the top commercial hub for highest aggregate OYO bookings. Among transit hubs, OYO witnessed the highest demand at Vaishali Metro Station.

Commenting on OYO’s effort to provide affordable stays for consumers across various segments, Shreerang Godbole, SVP - Product & Chief Service Officer said, “Wherever we go, it's easy to spot the red OYO logo along the streets of India, be it at leisure destinations, pilgrimage sites, transit hubs or commercial complexes. Such ubiquitous presence across the country allows us to democratize travel for all Indians, whatever their travel intent might be, and opens vast opportunities for us to provide suitable and quality stays for a wider consumer segment, even at short notice. Our most booked OYO’s list is a good proxy for the location types that see heavy bookings, - be it visiting a loved one at a nearby hospital, staying back at a hotel near your kid’s university, or even heading out on vacations. We hope that with our platform, we continue to serve the requirements of all traveller types who choose to stay with us. To further empower consumers with the power of decision-making around travel, we have also rolled out features such as ‘Pay at hotel’ and flexible booking modifications.”

All the information included in this press release has been derived from OYO’s booking trends data to study the Top 50 Most Booked OYOs in India in June 2022.



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