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In India everyone loves Cricket and almost everyone has chosen their favorite Cricketer to whom they want to follow. The craze of Cricket in India especially in the minds of youngsters always remains at its peak. We all love to know about our favorite one’s hence we search about them on internet and gather the details. To get that to you, TheFrames.in has brought a series named “Know your Cricketer” under which they have prepared stories on your favorite Cricketer(s). Many of them have listed on the website and many more will be coming soon. In the stories they have covered about the Cricketers career, their early life, their peak performances etc. The best thing about these stories are that one can see the whole journey of their favorite Cricketer in the graphics – well designed and specific graphics have been designed by theFrames Team so that readers can get all the details in minimum time of reading. 

Know your Cricketer with TheFrames.in, learn about their journey, get motivated yourself by knowing the hardworkship of your idols.



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