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Long-distance lovebirds around the world found the pandemic emotionally difficult as travel restrictions across the world made it impossible for them to see their loved ones. However, Shan and Teh, a couple who have been apart since the beginning of the pandemic, have found solace from each other’s embrace and renewed their sweet memories in Hong Kong.

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Living in Guangzhou, Mainland China and Malaysia respectively, Shan and Teh stayed strong with their relationship despite travel restrictions. After over two years of separation, the couple decided to meet in Hong Kong in early October for some authentic local delicacy and creating new memories with the city’s great outdoors. They were even more rejoiced when they learned that they no longer had to undergo mandatory quarantine in hotels days before they visited Hong Kong. As they arrived in Hong Kong, the lovebirds turned to the online visitor services provided by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) for local suggestions for their long-awaited reunion.

As passionate foodies and active outdoor enthusiasts, Shan and Teh appreciated the helpful suggestions from HKTB’s “Hong Kong Travel Buddy” on scenic hiking trails and outdoor activities. They took the advice and went to Sai Kung for a kayaking trip and some new outdoor experiences. The Hong Kong Travel Buddy also helped contact the kayak operator for the couple’s exciting kayaking trip in Sai Kung, as well as recommended to them a local bakery renowned for pineapple buns, making unforgettable memories on their romantic getaway in Hong Kong.

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