MC Stan dole outs words of wisdom as he visits the sets of Amazon miniTV’s Playground Season 2!!

Amazon’s free video streaming service is making all the right noise for Playground Season 2. After hosting fashionista and internet sensation, Uorfi Javed in the Playground house, the fun factor skyr

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playground season 2 winner

The latest episode welcomed the dapper-rapper MC Stan after his run-away victory at a recently concluded reality show, as he entertains and wins viewers’ hearts all over again with his raw and real personality. The contestants were thrilled to meet our much known ‘Basti Ka Hasti’ and they indulged in some fun and tricky activities, learning his quirky phrases and grooving on his boom bap beats.

The Bigg Boss winner and P-town king brought in his doze of hip-hop curated in the form of a lively, entertaining and engaging episode. Sharing the experience about his appearance on the show, Stan said, “I felt happy to meet all the contestants of Playground S2. I myself have been in a similar situation recently been a part of a reality TV show, wherein I was a contestant and we had our own challenges. But at the end of the day it’s your passion, hard work, attitude and audiences love that helps one stand out and win the title. I was very excited to be on the sets, indulging in some games alongside the contestants”.

Playground Season 2 is a reality game show where viewers get to witness India’s top digital creators gaming, entertaining, and how they survive through the process to win the ultimate prize! Playground Season 2 will see Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal, Carry Minati, Triggered Insaan, and Scout as mentors leading 5 teams.

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