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Maharashtra's Yoga Practitioner Shefali Wins She International Beauty and Talent Viewers' Choice Award. 
Shefali Saathi, who has been living in Dubai for the last 14 years as a yoga teacher, has recently received the 'She International Beauty and Talent Viewer’s Choice International Award'. 

The quitessential Marathi Mugli, who  she has been grew up in Murud, Janjira and Mumbai, has received the prestigious award in Dubai.
'She International Beauty and Talent is a prestigious award' ceremony in Dubai. Shefali had participated in 'She International Pageant Beauty and Talent'. It is safe to say that she has proved herself to the world by receiving this award as a yoga trainer. 
Shefali graduated from Mumbai has been living in Dubai for the last 14 years after her marriage. She International’ has given her a great opportunity to prove herself. As a yoga teacher, Shefali's commitment to make women's lives easier by giving them the mantra of a better lifestyle has certainly been fulfilled with this award.
Expressing happiness over this, Shefali Saathi said that "the opportunity given to me by 'She International Beauty and Talent' and the award I received is really a big thing and I am very grateful to her for this. The journey from Mumbai to Dubai in Maharashtra was very good. Although I received this award abroad today, I am a girl from Marathi soil and I am very proud to come abroad and win this award. All I can say is, Receiving an award is not only a crown on the head but also a symbol of the joy that comes from showing empathy and kindness in daily life. The main purpose of my life is to promote how useful yoga is in your life and how yoga will relieve you from future troubles."




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