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Mirchi launches its all-new audio series, Aakhiri Rishta available exclusively on the Mirchi Plus App. Narrated by the veteran actor Neena Gupta, the thirty-episode audio series explores the theme of 'love knows no age' and challenges the social construct that love must be found at a certain age.

The series captures the listeners' interest, taking them through the love story of the 60-year-old characters, their apprehensions, and much more.

Neena Gupta’s compelling narration enables the listeners to connect to the characters as the story unfolds. The 60 plus minute episodes showcase how the protagonists Shanti and Vinod meet and how the turn of events in their lives brings them closer to each other. As the story progresses, the listeners can also understand the emotional baggage that both Shanti and Vinod carry from past relationships and how it brings them closer. The brewing romance will keep the listeners hooked to the series as they will be keen to find out if Shanti and Vinod can get past all the challenges, the societal notions and embrace their love for each other. That’s not all! Throughout the series, listeners are treated to an immersive audio experience thanks to the unique narration style of Neena Gupta and Mirchi's original background score.

Talking about the show, Indira Rangarajan, National Content Director, ENIL, Mirchi said, "We are excited to present our next-in-line marquee celebrity audio web series Aakhiri Rishta voiced by the inimitable and feisty Neena Gupta. We hope our listeners are captivated by Neena ji’s distinctive narration of this endearing love story of an older couple. We look forward to the listeners’ response and will continue to bring more such marquee shows that entertain our listeners.”

On the work front, Neena Gupta starrer Goodbye releases in theatres yesterday, the film also stars Rashmika Mandanna and Amitabh Bachchan.


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