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The series stars Giordana Marengo, Valeria Golino, Alessandro Preziosi, Pina Turco, Azzurra Mennella, and Rossella Gamba.

Giordon as Giovanna, whose turbulent transition from child to adolescence against the backdrop of 1990s Naples is the centre of this story.

A girl in search of her true reflection in a divided city: the Naples of the heights, which assumes a mask of refinement, and the Naples of the depths, a place of excess and vulgarity. She seems to learn that adults live their lives full of lies, which she can see through, but isn't quite sure who she wants to be or what path she should be headed down for her future. Looks like a compelling coming-of-age story.

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante. With writing by Ferrante, De Angelis, Laura Paolucci, and Francesco Piccolo, the mini-series starts streaming from January 3rd, 2023.



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