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The 24th edition of Miss Teen International 2021 Grand Finale was conducted at GNH Convention Centre in Gurugram. 19 Countries were competing for the Coveted title where 16-year-Old Ngo Ngoc Gia Han from Vietnam was crowned as Miss Teen International. India’s Aayushi Dholakia passed her crown after a reign of 2 years. Vietnam’s Ngo Ngoc Gia Han became the second Asian to win Miss Teen International in 29 years.

Alessandra Gonzalez from USA was crowned as the First Runners-Up while Anne Brouwer from Netherlands was crowned as the Second Runners-Up.

The World’s Biggest and Oldest running teen pageant wasn’t held for 2 years because of the pandemic. The finale of 2021 edition was conducted on 30th July.

India’s Rashi Parasrampuria Bagged the title of Miss Teen Asia, Mexico’s Nabila Villanueva Bagged the title of Miss Teen Americas, Botswana’s Gimhani Mohau Perera bagged the title of Miss Teen Africa and Serbia’s Venera Stanisavljevic bagged the title of Miss Teen Europe.

Vietnam’s Ngo Ngoc Gia Han is a 16 Year Old who previously won Miss Teen International Vietnam and then represented her country at Miss Teen International. She has been involved in various charitable and she provides scholarship to the orphans whose parents passed away in the Pandemic. She is a Basketball Player and an environmentalist.

Upon Winning, She said, “ Winning the world’s Biggest Teen Pageant, it is like a dream come true. I worked hard with my team for several years to be able to win this title. I am also grateful to India for welcoming all the contestants beautifully and giving us the best days of our Life. My love for India has grown during the Miss Teen International and I look forward to see more of India and experience the beautiful Culture.”

The final question to the Top 5 at Miss Teen International was, “Do you think Beauty Pageants should be the part of Olympics. Why or why not?”

Vietnam’s Ngo Ngoc Gia Ha gave the winning answer, “I believe that Beauty Pageants are more than the external beauty and should be considered as the very important part of the entertainment industry. I do not think Beauty Pageants should be included in the Olympics as they differ in nature and we should respect the beauty pageants and sports equally and separately. Representing my country at Miss Teen International is no less than Olympics even if it is not a part of Olympics.”



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