Nutriorg - Celebrating 8 Years of Healthy India

Nutriorg has successfully completed 8 years of servitude in the Health & Wellness sector. What was implanted as an idea 8 years ago has fully grown into roots that have spread to every corner of India

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Nutriorg - Celebrating 8 Years of Healthy India

Nutriorg has successfully completed 8 years of servitude in the Health & Wellness sector. What was implanted as an idea 8 years ago has fully grown into roots that have spread to every corner of India. And over the years, their efforts have been widely recognized, as they have received various prestigious honors acknowledging Nutriorg's immense contribution to the Health & Wellness Industry.

Nutriorg's journey over the years:

Early Years of Nutrition
The inception and growth of Nutriorg can be traced back over the years to the mind of one man,- Mr. Rattan Pal Singh. An army veteran, Mr. Singh's ideals and values have inspired everyone around him. Some of them were Nutriorg's honorable founders, Mr. Satish Raghav and Mr. Karan Singh Tomar.

Mr. Singh has always emphasized that the health struggles of the Indian population can always be resolved by consuming healthy and pure food rather than heavily relying on medicines. He was concerned that too many people in India were accustomed to consuming adulterated food products, affecting their long-term health. Under the constant guidance of Mr. Singh, the co-founders formed Nutriorg in 2014; a brand focused on spreading the importance of health benefits one can achieve through the consumption of organic, pure, and healthy products.

It was not until the following year, in 2015, that Nutriorg finally entered the business, offering a wide variety of organic food products grown without a trace of impurity in the company's privately-owned farmlands.

The Team of Nutriorg Over The Years
Nutriorg's team comprises a blend of ambitious youngsters and skilled and experienced veterans. With responsibility as the critical value of Nutriorg, the youngsters are groomed to be industry leaders right from the start.

Of course, the team of Nutriorg can never be complete without the contribution of hard-working women farmers associated with the brand. Nutriorg has always supported the cause of farmer and women empowerment, which is reciprocated by their initiative to offer jobs to the women farmers of India.

The Success of Nutriorg Today
Nutriorg has never looked back since they came into the business in 2014. Each year, they have continued to evolve at a consistent rate, slowly becoming a household brand and one of the leading brands in the Health & Wellness sector.

The numbers can track their growth:

  • In 2022, Nutriorg managed to satisfy over 1 million customers.
  • Nutriorg’s contributions were recognized in the health and wellness industry as they were honored with over 8 prestigious awards in 2022 alone.
  • Nutriorg is now available on 80+ marketplaces and all leading retail offline stores in India.
  • Nutriorg's official catalog consists of over 150 SKUs.
  • The team of Nutriorg has grown significantly, with over 200 members associated with the brand today.
  • Nutriorg has increased in India, with their products available in 20+ states.
  • Nutriorg has also laid an International foundation as they are now available in over 20 countries like Britain, South America, and Gulf countries.
  • Nutriorg’s distributor partners have grown by over 100 in 2022.
  • Nutriorg’s retail partners have also grown, reaching over 5000 in 2022.

Honors Achieved By Nutriorg In 2022
Nutriorg was honored with multiple prestigious awards from industry leaders in 2022. As one can have a brief gander at each of them below:

  1. Nutriorg was awarded the "Best Organic Health and Wellness Brand of The Year" at the latest edition of "Pride Of Nation Awards 2022," held at Hotel Trident, Mumbai, on 7th October 2022.
  2. Nutriorg was honored with the "Leading Health & Wellness Organic Detox Brand Of The Year" award at the recently held "ICONIC BUSINESS SUMMIT & AWARDS 2022" by The TopNotch Foundation in Mumbai.
  3. "Times Leading Entrepreneurs" powered by Times Ascent NOVOTEL honored Nutriorg for its "Outstanding Contribution In Organic Health And Wellness Industry."
  4. Nutriorg was the winner of the "Global Healthcare Achievement Awards 2022," where they won the award for "Best Organically Grown Nutrient Rich Products Supplier In Northwestern India."
  5. At the latest "Best Of Industry Awards" organized by Aaj Ka Jaipur, Nutriorg won the award for the "Best Health And Wellness Brand."
  6. Nutriorg won the "Best Organic Food Brand Of The Year "at INDIA FOOD NUTRITION SUMMIT & AWARDS 2022, scheduled at The Hotel Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi.
  7. At the latest edition of "Rural & Urban Development Summit & Awards 2022" held by the Government of India, Nutriorg won the "Most Trusted Brand of the Year" award in the Organic Food category.
  8. Also honored with "India's Most Prominent Women Empowerment Award." publive-image
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