PharmaHopers Best B2B Pharmaceutical Portal for Pharma Franchise and Pharma Manufacturing Business

India's leading B2B pharma portal, PharmaHopers has developed a successful online pharmaceutical business ecosystem. It connects more than 200+ pharmaceutical companies through its online marketplace,

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PharmaHopers Best B2B Pharmaceutical Portal for Pharma Franchise and Pharma Manufacturing Business

India's leading B2B pharma portal, PharmaHopers has developed a successful online pharmaceutical business ecosystem. It connects more than 200+ pharmaceutical companies through its online marketplace, where pharma franchise companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and exports meet the needs of one another with services and product ranges they need. The B2B Business portal also has Ayurvedic PCD CompaniesDerma PCD Companies, and Nutraceuticals companies.

According to PharmaHopers, it is providing the common platform for companies to do business with ease and compete with the pharma giants. Today PharmaHopers had become an obvious choice for Pharma Companies and majorly for investors who are looking for reliable Pharma manufacturers and the Best PCD pharma franchise companies to start their business.

The B2B Pharmaceutical Marketplace, states that they carry the trust of suppliers, companies, and common people who are looking for a genuine brand to do business with. The newly established pharma companies or small-scale companies are relying on PharmaHopers for their better digital exposure. Small businesses get a wide customer base and accelerate their marketing initiatives with the help of PharmaHopers.

Demand for Pharma Franchise & Pharma Manufacturing Business

Report on Statista claims that the Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the most profitable and fastest-growing economies in the world. Since the year 2017, this industry has grown at an annual rate of 5.8%. In the year 2020 alone pharma industry had sales of more than $1228.45 billion and the worldwide revenue of this market will cross 1500 Billion US dollars in the coming year. As per Indian Band Equity Foundation, Indian Pharmaceutical industry has contributed a lot to the worldwide growth of the pharmaceutical market. India accounts for around 60% of vaccines and 50 to 70% demand of WHO for Tetanus and Pertussis (DPT), Diphtheria, and Bacillus Calmette–Guerin vaccines and the list goes on.

The other fuelling the pharma market growth is the role of wholesale distributors and Pharma Franchise businesses in the Supply Chain. While most big pharma giants have their distributors which ensure the availability and market exposure for the companies small and medium-sized enterprises rely on the pharma franchise or PCD (Propaganda – cum – distributors).

Today, PCD Pharma Franchise has drawn the attention of many pharma distributors, wholesalers, and other pharma professionals. An expert at PharmaHopers said while explaining the demand for Pharma PCD Franchises, “Pharma Franchise Business model provides distributors with more profit margin for the sale of medicine as compared to the company’s distributors. Not only this, the pharma franchise allows individuals to work independently with multiple companies in various segments. Many companies provide their franchise associates with promotional support which is helpful for them.”

Need for creating one pharma B2B Marketplace Explained by PharmaHopers

Here are three major reasons for the launch of PharmaHopers explained by the PharmaHopers:

  • “Our thorough analysis took place when we do not notice a good online awareness of several pharmaceutical companies providing franchise opportunities and medications. From our B2B portal, one can obtain leads at a market-leading and inexpensive cost.”
  • “Considering online awareness as an essential element, most pharma franchise companies are now focusing on raising their brand awareness online. However, they are not making the best use of the resources due to poor management which might give strength to their business. Thus, choosing PharmaHopers will help them in getting access to authentic resources with the assistance of our experts, thereby increasing conversion.”
  • “We have observed it in businesses that are at the threshold to gain significant web exposure at a rapid pace, but owing to the small team size, they miss the chance to turn that lead into your customer. Here at PharmaHopers, we have a large team of experienced professionals who altogether aim to strengthen your business and serve seekers with genuine customers.”

 PharmaHopers Work Model

The model aims to grow business by connecting buyers and sellers in the marketplace. This B2B portal has curated a list of different categories that will assist the buyers or interested parties to make an appropriate choice, as well as the seller, to acquire the right lead. The attraction and captivation of buyers to the portal are ascertained due to the utilization of the latest digital marketing strategies which majorly consist of paid and free adverts on top-known search engines and social media platforms.

From the perspective of the buyers, the company states it has indexed India’s best pharmaceutical companies, third-party pharma manufacturers, and other diverse product segments to assure that they find the most trustworthy and reliable companies. On the other hand, from the perspective of the sellers, the company claims reassure the legitimacy of the enquires they are receiving from the buyers. Aside from that, access to a log-in panel is given to each company where they may regularly watch new leads and make a choice based on their vacant regions, which is also from the seller’s perspective.


Today PharmaHopers is a success story of sheer determination, hard work, and aim to help business get access to the large Pharma markets. It won’t be wrong to say PharmaHopers has become one-stop solution for all kinds of pharma business needs. With option like price comparisons, lead management, business procurements, online storefront, PharmaHopers is striving to help businesses thrive.

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