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India’s leading electrical goods company, Polycab India Limited (PIL), showcased its range of cutting-edge solar products as an exhibitor at the REI (Renewable Energy India) held in Greater Noida, from September 28th to 30th, 2022. REI is the largest renewable industry exhibition and attracts exhibitors, influencers, technical experts, and professionals from across India.

Polycab’s commitment in adopting sustainability at the core of its electronic products was strongly reflected in the range of solar products it has exhibited. Emerging as one of the leading sustainability-focused brands, Polycab, showcased a range of Inverters, Cables, Panels, and DC MCBs among other products. A range of inverters from Solar Grid Tie String Inverter 1KW-5KW-4G to Solar Grid Tie String Inverter 255K-EHV-5G, along with its solar cables, and monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules are on display.

Speaking about the event, Anurag Agarwal Executive President - Strategic Initiatives & New Businesses said, “The response to the exhibition has been wonderful and it’s been a delight meeting existing and potential customers. This reassures our belief in sustainability and encourages us to bring highly productive, next-generation products to our customers.”

Polycab provides sustainable and bankable solar product options such as e-beamed solar cables, solar inverters, and panels. The fire-resistant switchgears by Polycab are extremely dependable ensuring network integrity, while its MCBs, RCCBs, and RCBOs are equipped with a quick arc quenching mechanism that switches off the voltage in 3 to 5 milliseconds.

At the REI 2022 expo, the event has representation from relevant sectors of renewable energy like domestic and international manufacturers, traders, buyers, and professionals. The focus of the REI expo event is on elevating the standards of IPP, Inverter, Component, Dealer/ Distributor, EV chargers and Infrastructure, Solar cells, Solar PV modules, Solar panels, batteries, System Integrator, Biomass and Wind.


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