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The first official trailer for producer Pragya Kapoor’s short film Maali, is out. The film is slated to premiere at IFFM 2022 and Vaani Kapoor has unveiled the trailer in Melbourne.

Sharing the trailer on her social media, and adding about trailer release in Melbourne, producer Pragya Kapoor wrote, “And here it is, The trailer of Maali. Launched at the Indian film festival of Melbourne by my gorgeous friend @_vaanikapoor_ it couldn’t get more special than this see you on

the18th of August at @melbournecentral @hoytsaustralia @shivcshetty @sonalirana15 @maali_film @Eksaathfoundation @hrithiknaudiyal_23 @ankit_shrestha__ @iffmelbourne @mindblowingfilms @annunegi76 @auroshikhadey @mall_shashwat @nehamehra2014 @thesinghstory” 

The film is written and directed by Shiv C. Shetty, the story of 'Maali' brings alive the most pertinent global conversation around deforestation and mental health. 

 Maali' is a journey of a 16-year-old girl Tulsi, from the calm mountains to the concrete jungle and her struggle when she witnesses the life of the city; greed, loneliness and depression. 

In the film, you will experience a young Maali's journey from the serene mountains to the concrete jungle and the effects of deforestation on our well-being and mental health.The film premiere at IFFM 2022 on 18th August 2022 



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