- an open platform for everyone to share skills is an open platform where anybody can become instructor. Anybody with having some set of skills can create their course, video lectures on the platform and can share it with others.

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New Update - an open platform for everyone to share skills

Do you have some set of skills? Are you knowledgeable enough? Are you interested in sharing your knowledge with others? Do you like to teach or train others? Do you want to create an extra income by sharing your skills? Then is for you.

What is is a learning platform which is open for everyone. Anybody can become instructor on this platform and can communicate with others. Anybody can share their skills with others on this platform and can create resources for their extra income. Instructors can create their courses, lectures on this platform in any medium they like viz. text, videos etc. and can share this with several people. There are no less categories available on this platform, so every skill (academics, music, food, painting, sports etc.) is most welcome on this platform. is calling everyone to become an instructor on this platform whether you are a designated teacher or not. If you are good enough at any skill and you feel it good to share your knowledge with others by creating course, videos on this platform, welcomes you.
It is also an open platform for all the Institutions, Schools and Coaching Centers as well. Institutions can create their private courses on the platform which are specifically for their institution students. Institutes can run their online class with us by deploying their instructors or faculties on the platform. Private courses created by the institutions will not be available in public domain and only their students will be able to browse them.

How can you become an Instructor
To become an instructor with it is as simple as to just click on a button. Once you come on the platform you need to go to the Become and Instructor tab. Once you click on it you will be redirect to the subscription plans page. You can buy a plan that fits best for you. There are 3 plans available (Basic, Professional, Advanced) in 2 modes viz monthly and yearly with the minimal prices but with lots of advantages. Once you buy the plan by providing the necessary details, your user will get created as an instructor and you will get the access to the admin panel of the platform. You need to login into the platform and you can start creating your course and can share your knowledge with other. Sounds pretty simple and cool right?

How can you become a Customer
You just need to click on register button on the platform and you will get one customer registration page. By providing the necessary details you will get created your user with and you will get the access to unlimited courses/content that is available on the website. By login with your user, you can browse unlimited categories available there and you can choose your instructor and your course that you are interested in. How simple is that, isn’t it?

How an Instructor can create course with admin panel
You just need to put your expertise and knowledge in the form of text or video in the name of course and that’s it.
You need to login with you instructor user into the admin panel on the Once logged in you will be able to see the categories, you just need to select your category under which you want to create you course content. You can add your sub category there with some specific name that you want. You need to then add course details, modules and chapters to create your complete course with us. Or you can just put all the stuff in the series of videos. Sounds good right?

How an Instructor can create income
The more your course content sold out the more money you will earn.
Instructor’s created courses will be live and available on the website to be browsed by the customers and students. Customer can buy any course from the website by paying for it. Moreover Instructors can also conduct live classes for the customers, they can create small batches and can conduct the classes for which they can get the lecture fee.

How Institutions can use provoker
Institutes, Schools and Coaching centers can use this platform to create their courses in accordance with their syllabus. These academic bodies can create their courses as private on and the students enrolled with these bodies can only be allowed to access the private courses. Institutions can also conduct the online classes for their institution students. These institutes can deploy their hired faculties on to create the private courses and to conduct the live classes.

There is more on the for you. welcomes everyone to visit the website and showcase your skills. It is an open platform where each one of you can utilize your skills.

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