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Secret Double Octopus, the global leader in workforce Passwordless Authentication, and PwC India, today announced a strategic technology partnership to help organizations meet new regulatory requirements for MFA (multi-factor authentication) in the Asia-Pacific region. As part of the partnership, PwC India and Secret Double Octopus will collaborate to implement the Octopus Authentication Platform (OAP), Secret Double Octopus’ industry-leading passwordless and desktop MFA solution for enterprises.

The relationship between PwC and Double Octopus will enable organizations to realize several benefits through the partnership. The benefits include:

  • Increased security through the passwordless MFA covering most of the end-user’s login use cases whether working remotely or on-premise
  • Increased security through traditional MFA like OTPs, biometric etc. for web and cloud applications, user’s workstations, VDI and VPN
  • Extending the existing single sign-on and 3rd party MFA implementations to provide the passwordless journey for applications, VPN and workstations
  • Lower costs from IT management of MFA, as SDO offers the consolidated platform for end user’s MFA experience, enrollment and de-provisioning
  • Reduces the password-related risks, help desk costs and credential-based data breaches

“By combining PwC’s Cyber Security services capabilities with Secret Double Octopus’ highly proven technology, we are providing the market with high assurance MFA solutions that meet today’s highly regulated environments,” said Unnikrishnan Padinjyaroot, a partner at PwC and leader of the firm’s Cyber Security practice. “Together we have already deployed the solution to a major Fortune 100 global bank and can build on that success as we take the solution to the broader market together.”

As a Secret Double Octopus’ fulfillment partner, PwC will retain expertise in the implementation and integration of OAP in enterprises and partake from the vendor’s channel marketing initiatives.

“We’re very excited to continue extending our relationship with PwC in the India and Asia-Pacific region,” said Raz Rafaeli, CEO and Co-Founder of Secret Double Octopus. “PwC has the enterprise scale, knowledge and credibility to truly help us drive passwordless MFA into the rapidly expanding global market.”

About Secret Double Octopus

Secret Double Octopus is the global leader in next generation workforce authentication solutions. It’s industry-leading Octopus Authentication Platform offers mid-market to Fortune 100 enterprises the ability to move to a higher security, frictionless and unified authentication solution for MFA and passwordless authentication. From leveraging existing MFA authenticators to supporting legacy on premise applications, no other desktop MFA and enterprise passwordless platform offers as much robustness and flexibility as the Octopus solution. The company has been designated a Gartner "Cool Vendor" and more recently named “Best-in-Class" passwordless solution by AITE Group in 2021. Learn more at https://doubleoctopus.com/.

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