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Siddharth Roy Kapur’s Roy Kapur Films has revealed eight new series in development and production for 2022-23.

The official handle of Roy Kapur Films wrote, “Thrilled to announce our collaboration with 8 fantastic directors! 8 amazing stories are coming your way very soon - watch this space for more! #SiddharthRoyKapur @Nagrajmanjule @vishnu_dir @maheshNrayan #HardikMehta #AbbasTyrewala @AratiKadav @Bhaveshhkapadia @Anubhav_Chopra @roykapurfilms #JineshShah @Malvika25 #BharatiKandhari @abhay_koranne #RKFx8 #RKFxSeries”

Filmmaker Aarti Kadav, Bhavesh Kapadia, Anubhav Chopra, Nagraj Manjule, Vishnuvardhan, Mahesh Narayanan, Hardik Mehta, Abbas Tyrewala are roped to create to right new series from varied genre.

Mahesh Narayanan, will direct a multi-season spy thriller set across the Middle East and South Asia. Hardik Mehta, will direct a family drama series set across Europe, Africa and India set in the world of warring business families.

Abbas Tyrewala will write and showrun a spy action drama series set in the cloak and dagger world of South Asian counter-intelligence.

Shershaah fame director Vishnuvardhan, will make his series directorial debut with a sweeping multi-season epic action drama, which will tell the story of an integral part of India’s 20th century military history.

Arati Kadav will helm a quirky take on romance in the sci-fi genre. Director Bhavesh Kapadia will make his series directorial debut with a female-led comic thriller series. Anubhav Chopra, will write and direct a young adult drama series, set in the pressure cooker environment of a modern day high-school.

Filmmaker Nagraj Manjule is a series set in the world of illegal betting.

Roy Kapur Films will release feature films Pippa, Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan, Bas Karo Aunty and https:// Rocket Boys Season 2.//



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