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S-Ancial Pte. Ltd (Singapore), 100% owned subsidiary of S-Ancial Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an Investor Relations SaaS company specialized in targeting & bringing in institutional investors, today announced that it has been granted two US patents. The patents are further proof of S-Ancial’s innovative approach to investor relations and the firm’s commitment to streamline the workflow for capital markets participants, through its online platform ExchangeConnect.

Patent I is granted for System and Method for analyzing and structuring of data records. S-Ancial has created a machine learning algorithm which analyzes qualitative data of companies extracted from publicly available sources. The method analyses the records and creates a data potency score into a uniform format. The patent gives S-Ancial an edge to bring thousands of under-researched companies, globally, on the radar of investors and analysts.

Patent II is granted for System and method for automated document generation. The system comprises a unique database arrangement of structured qualitative data from the companies. Such that user inputs can result in retrieval of data output that can be automated to create documents such as Annual Reports, Investor Presentations, Fact Sheets, etc. This gives S-Ancial an edge to significantly reduce the turnaround time in creating informative and design rich investor collaterals.

Commenting on the patents win, Dr. Shailendra Mehta, Chairman, S-Ancial Technologies said, “I am very excited about S-Ancial Technologies winning these US Patents, a first for an Indian fintech in the capital market domain. These patents give S-Ancial a unique edge in collaborating with global companies that are looking to improve research coverage and bringing new portfolio investors in the most efficient way. S-Ancial will continue to innovate and structurally transform the Investor Relations framework to bring measurable outcomes.

“Over the past few years we have been relentlessly working on automating numerous analytic processes essential for a result-oriented Investor Relations workflow. These patents are testimony to our R&D efforts and to the innovations that we are committed to bring in the way Investor Engagement is done not just in India but globally. Our Investor Relations platform ExchangeConnect.in is the culmination of our efforts in providing data intelligence and actionable insights to the CFOs & Investor Relation Officers,” added Pradip Seth, Founder & CEO, S-Ancial Technologies.



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