Scale Facilitation Takes over 82nd Floor of World Trade Center’s Iconic Freedom Tower

Boosting business investment as well as strengthening the US and Australian alliance, Scale Facilitation is revolutionizing the global tech and innovation markets, making them a dream for inventors an

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Scale Facilitation Takes over 82nd Floor of World Trade Center’s Iconic Freedom Tower

Boosting business investment as well as strengthening the US and Australian alliance, Scale Facilitation is revolutionizing the global tech and innovation markets, making them a dream for inventors and investors alike, especially when it comes to Australian and US strategic partnerships.

Founded by David A. Collard in 2021, Scale Facilitation is a global firm providing a new way of accelerating and funding innovation exchange and advanced manufacturing in Australia and the United States. The firm not only connects inventors to the right investment partners, it removes the common barriers to commercialization while providing innovators with expert strategic partners who will adopt and scale their innovations to a global market.

Scale Facilitation opened its first innovation office in Victoria, Australia in 2021 and has recently secured a multi-year deal to take over the 82nd floor in the World Trade Center complex’s iconic Freedom Tower, making it the highest commercial full-floor lease in America.

Scale Facilitation will be working with minority and/or women-owned business enterprises (MWBE) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOB) to retrofit the space. As part of its commitment to Veterans and the importance of the tower to those who served, Scale Facilitation will have a lounge in their new offices for Veterans of both countries.

This Manhattan base of operations will allow for continued growth and expansion of Scale Facilitation projects and will also serve as a hub to foster and strengthen the US- Australian alliance.

Australia is at a pivotal point, with certain global megatrends holding the key to challenges and opportunities including climate change; renewables; improving health outcomes; digital innovation, and the rise of artificial intelligence to name a few. At the same time, with all the recent supply chain disruptions and shifting geopolitical realities, the US urgently needs to forge stronger trade bonds with Australia, taking advantage of their obvious shared interests and need for resources readily available in Australia.

Overcoming barriers to building a wider, more solid bridge between the two nations is essential.

These barriers are actively being removed by Scale Facilitation through their unique, trademarked process for taking tech pioneers’ concepts from ideation to market- leading and defining ventures, empowering inventors to focus on their comparative and competitive advantages without having to worry about their next round of funding.

This unique approach allows Scale Facilitation to support inventors by giving them access to a team of experts across Australia and the United States with extensive shared knowledge and experience. This ranges from access to in-house personnel from Scale Facilitation, or leading brand and marketing services, right through to US-based regulatory bodies.

Building on this successful model, Scale Facilitation recently launched Friend Shoring, a secure and efficient model to facilitate the successful establishment of sovereign advanced manufacturing and innovation capabilities in likeminded nations.

Friend Shoring builds on the notion that countries which share essential business standards and ethical values with respect to how to conduct themselves in a global economy, should find ways to strengthen their partnerships and deepen their international cooperation.

Scale Facilitation Founder and CEO, David A. Collard has found that large retail and industry superannuation funds in particular have additional benefits from investing in Scale Facilitation projects.

“We understand what super funds really want from their investments and they have strict regulatory guidance to follow too. We de-risk investment by taking a uniform approach, which builds greater certainty from ideation right through to our commercialization and scale project phases. Looking at ESG (environmental, social and governance) requirements is another important aspect that investors expect from a company like ours,” said David.

“If you’re an industry super fund with manufacturing members, and your fund is investing in a manufacturing project in Australia, you’re creating more local jobs which means more inflows of super into your fund, not just a financial return on your investment. Investing in projects higher up the value chain also allows for strengthening of downstream investments too.”

Scale Facilitation is leveraging its longstanding relationship with US counterparts to glean internationally acquired expertise and apply it to homegrown or inbound technologies. This beneficial relationship is strengthened by the two-way transfer of technology and learnings, with economic benefits reaped locally on both sides.

One of Scale Facilitation’s major Australian projects, Recharge Industries, is set to take on world-leading renewable battery manufacturers.

Recharge Industries has recently received ‘Priority Project’ status from the Federal Government as well as access to significant funding via the Government’s Trailblazer Universities Program and Deakin Universities commitment to the project.

“The demand for renewable energy is increasing significantly. On- shore manufacturing increases confidence in Australia’s energy security and will create thousands of Australian jobs,” said David.

With a vision to significantly bolster Australia’s innovation sector, David A. Collard and his team continue to grow Scale Facilitation while increasing employment opportunities across Australian and US markets.

Scale Facilitation was represented by brothers Garett Varricchio of Cushman & Wakefield and Bret Varricchio of Vestian.

“As a multinational investment management company, Scale Facilitation required a world-class address in New York City and procuring the entire 82nd floor at One World Trade Center certainly accomplished that objective. This awe-inspiring office space is the ideal US headquarters for such a prodigious firm,” said Garett and Bret Varricchio in a joint statement.

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