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Sedin Technologies, a multinational IT consulting and solutions company, announced the consolidation of its business divisions under the umbrella brand to fortify its delivery and streamline services to its clients. To mark this consolidation, Sedin unveiled a refreshed brand identity including a new logo and website.

Sedin is more than the sum of its parts. Our divisions are experts in their domains and consistently deliver world-class solutions to Fortune 500 enterprises and startups across the globe. This consolidation of our nested divisions into a unified brand will demonstrate to our customers the thought leadership and delivery excellence of our exemplary team,” said Manikandaraman, Director and CFO at Sedin.

The new brand positioning will power Sedin’s ambitious global growth plans and go-to-market strategy. With already a strong presence in the United States, Canada, and Australia markets, the organization is gearing up to enter Europe in the next few months. Sedin has grown 100% in people strength over the last year, with plans to add 1,000 more technologists in the next two years. The expansion will be steered by experienced leaders with a proven track record of taking cutting-edge technology successfully to global markets.

About the vision for Sedin’s future, Dinesh Kumar, co-founder and director, said, “So far, our individual divisions have been better known than Sedin. This has been somewhat limiting in educating our customers about the wide landscape of technology innovation we can enable for them. With this consolidation and rebranding, we assert Sedin’s position as an integrated collaborative of multifunctional teams. We believe this is fundamental to powering our global expansion plans.

To reflect the new futuristic positioning of Sedin, the organization has unveiled a logo and a website. The new logo is modern, adaptive, dynamic and represents the synergy between the business divisions and the core Sedin brand. The idle symbol, in striking YinMn Blue, is comprised of the core, i.e., Sedin, surrounded by the substance, i.e., the business divisions. Depending on the context, space and time, the logo adapts and animates to represent the brand effectively.

For us, the most important stakeholder has always been the customer. The new website, powered by our case studies and customers' successes, unmistakably represents that. It walks the talk, just like we do at Sedin,” said Vagmi Mudumbai, CTO of Tarka Labs, the software consulting division of Sedin Technologies.

The newly designed website https://www.sedintechnologies.com/ shines a light on this new positioning. It presents an uncluttered, straightforward and outcome-driven view of Sedin and its nested brands, with introductions personally narrated by the leaders.

Sedin is not a singular brand, but a family of divisions that work together to push the boundaries of software development. The new logo reflects that. The new website addresses directly to our most important stakeholder — the customer," said Ganesh Chandrasekar, Head of marketing and design, CodeRapper.

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