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Social media personality Urif Javed flaunts some of the most revealing and out of this world outfits, she is known for provocative style and controversial statements, but latest episode of red-carpet shenanigans has her fuming as someone said, “she is dressed appropriately today”.

Urif Javed went in beast-mode during Naach Baby launch event in Mumbai. She dug out a social media recording, an audio file of someone (she claims it’s a reporter) who is heard saying, she is dressed appropriately today.

“I give immense respect to media, I treat each and every-one with dignity, I give enough content for your channels, and this is what you have to say about me. Guys I am not coming for this. If you want to comment on clothes, please comment on your girlfriend, mother, and sister’s clothes. No one will comment on my clothes ever again or else,” said Urfi.

“One more comment from any of you and I am out, I will not, I will not. I give you guys so much respect and this is what I am getting back. Please” added Big Boss OTT fame Urfi.

Ah well, we’ve seen celebrities taking a dig at media for saying something inappropriate, but this is first time in history of “celeb-media” mudslinging that someone got angry over appropriate comment on someone’s clothing.

The song, Naach Baby features Sunny Leone and Remo D’Souza, the song is composed by Vipin Patwa, and sung by Bhoomi Trivedi and Patwa.



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