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Vehere, a renowned cyber situation awareness firm, today announced that it has named Sunil Singh, a highly established professional, as the Director of Customer Support and Professional Services. He is an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and also holds an MBA degree from Himalayan University. Sunil Singh will be based in Delhi, India.

Sunil Singh has helmed key positions across some of the top tech giants and brings a plethora of experience related to leadership and management skills to Vehere. He will be helping steer the business growth globally.

Praveen Jaiswal, Founder and CSO of Vehere, welcomed Sunil Singh to the Vehere family, saying, “We are happy to welcome Sunil Singh and I am looking forward to work with him closely. His rich experience with various market-leaders and industry-veterans will further strengthen our efforts and help us achieve newer feats in the future.”

Prior to this, Sunil Singh was the General Manager of Aqsacom, Dubai, overseeing its Middle Eastern, Asian and African markets. Earlier, he spearheaded ADNA Solutions Pvt Ltd as its Founder and Director. In an extraordinary and long-spanning career, Sunil Singh has been associated with reputed domestic and global firms.

His other notable experiences include roles in Aqsacom India Pvt Ltd, Pitney Bowes India Ltd and Kommlabs Dezign Pvt Ltd. He has also played a key part in Globus Infocom Limited’s growth as Senior Manager – Key Accounts.

Talking about this enriching association, Sunil Singh said, “At a time when global companies are seeking new ways to counter the growing complexities with new cybersecurity challenges, I see a great opportunity for Vehere in the evolving global cybersecurity landscape. I am privileged to work closely with their astute team.”

To know more about Vehere, please visit - https://vehere.com/



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