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 Filmmaker Nikhil Nagesh Bhat is all praised for actor Sunny Kaushal in the forthcoming Hurdang, saying the young actor was the right fit for Daddu Thakur.

Nikhil Nagesh Bhat was interacting with NewsHelpline to promote his forthcoming political drama, Hurdang, starring Sunny Kaushal, Nushrratt Bharuccha, and Vijay Varma in the lead roles.

Talking about zeroing on Sunny Kaushal, director Nikhil Bhat said, “He is a fantastic actor and, in all modesty, when I met him and interacted with him, he seemed to be fitting more into the character as we discussed. The way he talks, carry himself and his personality is quite captivating, and that is why he is in the film”

“Sunny didn’t know much about the topic or subject of the film, which was sort of added advantage, as he wasn’t coming with any sort of baggage or preconceived notion, about the topic. So, it was easy for me and for Sunny as well, to adapt to the subject of the film” added Bhat.

The film is a love story set in the backdrop of the student agitation of 1990 in Allahabad.

When asked about picking a sensitive subject, which might find friction among political groups, Bhat said, “See, the topic is sensitive, and I don’t think I am scared, it is a part of our history, we have lived through this era, so if someone talks about it, what is the issue. There is something we’re trying to tell through this movie, the issue needs to be presented and that is what we have done”

“We are trying to ask,- if the reservation is the only solution, or is there something else which could be the solution? That is what the movie is trying to talk about” added Bhat. 
Hurdling is produced by Shailesh R Singh under his banner of Karma Media and Entertainment. It is scheduled to release theatrically on 8th April 2022.



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