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SuperShare is excited to announce its first-ever ESOP (Employee Stock Option Programme) buyback. In its Series A stage, SuperShare is successfully utilising ESOPs to draw in new talent while recognizing current and past employees for their support and contributions. It's a rare event for an early-stage startup.

Team members with vested options will be eligible to take part in the repurchase and liquidate up to 50% of their vested shares if their options are vested as of June 24, 2022. The announcement also strengthens the faith team members have in ESOPs as a wealth creation instrument and will hope to attract new talent.

“We’re building a social media platform for the world, from India. This requires an innovative product that requires the best engineers to work through never-before-solved problems. Having recruited some amazing teammates, we believe this is the best way to convey our gratitude to the team that has stayed with us through our seed journey.” - Sagar Modi, Co-founder & CEO

“We are grateful to be in a strong position in the current market despite an uncertain macro environment. The ESOP program is designed to be best-in-class with employee-friendly features like monthly vesting and an infinite exercise period; after all, we are competing with the world’s biggest tech companies when it comes to talent pools.” - Advaith Vishwanath, Co-founder & COO



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