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The Hybrid Cloud Summit has been organized by Enterprise IT World in Taj Hotel, M.G Road, Bengaluru. a leading tech media house in South Asia and MEA. The purpose of this summit is to introduce new industries by bringing users and vendors of cloud solutions together and sharing their individual success stories thereby helping them expand their market.

The Hybrid Cloud Summit in 2022 is an excellent opportunity to bring together various distinguished speakers, thought leaders, and visionaries. This event will integrate them with the advantages of Hybrid Cloud Applications for a more efficient workplace with a cost-reduction philosophy.

Event Included the Learning:
~ Hybrid cloud management optimization
~ Delivering an enhanced customer experience with hybrid cloud applications
~ Tips to secure and govern hybrid cloud
~ How to leverage the power of data in a hybrid cloud
~ Application innovation in hybrid cloud
~ How to enhance internal productivity and collaboration to resolve an external challenge

Techchef has received CIO Select Award 2022 for the Best Data Recovery Company at the Hybrid Cloud Summit and Awards 2022 on 9th September 2022 in Bangalore

Hundreds gathered at Hybrid Cloud Summit and Awards 2022 to shine a light on the incredible winners of the CIO Select Awards. It was a special milestone for Techchef to get crowned with the Best Data Recovery Company Award.

Committed to fostering a productive environment for collaboration, innovation, passion, and a relentless dedication to delivering results to clients, Mr. Rakesh Kumar (Founder & CEO), Techchef has worked in a leadership role for more than 7 years.

It was a humbling and heartening experience, Mr. Rakesh Kumar received this prestigious award during the Award felicitation ceremony.

Techchef Data Recovery Services Comes Onboard as a Partner to the Hybrid Cloud Summit and Awards 2022

A group of like-minded and forward-thinking leaders joined this Hybrid Cloud Summit. Attendees include CTOs, CIOs, Heads of Innovation and Strategy, IT and Information System Directors, and others within this connected ecosystem.

Techchef is a proud sponsor of this mega event.

The Co-founder and CIO of Techchef, Mr. Anish Kumar, co-presented the event. Afterward, he gave an insightful presentation in which he shared his wisdom and experience in building Techchef, India’s best data recovery company.



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