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The 4th World Science and Technology Development Forum with the theme “Openness, Trust and Cooperation” kicked off in Chengdu on November 27, 2022, which was attended by more than 300 top experts and scholars, representatives of international organizations, and entrepreneurs, from more than 20 countries and regions, including 7 Nobel laureates and more than 60 academicians home and abroad. Together, they discussed technological innovation and sustainable development in key fields such as basic science, climate change, digital economy, and green innovation, and proposed technological innovation solutions to address the challenges of today.

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The world today is facing many challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, energy security, food security, climate change, poverty, and biodiversity, which urgently need to be addressed by the international community. Among others, technological innovations in artificial intelligence, life sciences, quantum information, and aerospace are advancing by leaps and bounds, becoming the key factor affecting the global landscapes and the primary momentum for sustainable development.

Hou Jianguo, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, remarked in his speech, “How to achieve sustainable development is facing all mankind. No country can tackle it on its own and we must work together to achieve this goal. The Chinese Academy of Sciences looks forward to cooperating with more institutions and researchers around the world to explore the unknown and promote technological evolution.”

The 4th World Science and Technology Development Forum is jointly organized by China Association of Science and Technology (CAST), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and The People's Government of Sichuan Province. Having been held successfully for three consecutive years, the forum is actively building a bridge connecting the global science and technology community and has become an open platform to better advocate and promote cooperation among the international science and technology community. At this year’s forum, "Top 10 Scientific Issues of the Year in Human Social Development" will be sorted out, and "Initiatives of Basic Science for Sustainable Development" and "Top 10 Emerging Technologies of the Year in Chemistry" will be published.

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