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After an early trailer, Signature Entertainment drops the red-band trailer for comedy titled The Estate. The new trailer is all about filthy language and adulting, so watch it on your risk or kink.

The film revolves around two sisters attempt to win over their terminally ill, very-difficult-to-please Aunt in hopes of ending up with her wealthy estate, only to find the rest of their greedy family members have the same idea.

Film's impressive cast features Toni Collette, with Anna Faris, David Duchovny, Rosemarie DeWitt, Ron Livingston, and Kathleen Turner.

The Estate is both written and directed by Dean Craig, making his second feature after directing Love Wedding Repeat previously, produced by Alison Benson, Sarah Gabriel, Marc Goldberg, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The film is slated for 4th November 2022 release.



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