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The Finvasia group today announced the transition of Shoonya—their Zero Commission trading platform, to its own domain. As a result, all of Shoonya’s services will migrate from the existing domain (Finvasia.com) to Shoonya’s new home on the web—Shoonya.com on 9th December 2022. It is also introducing an all-new Shoonya App with exciting trading features like never before.

Founded in 2009, Finvasia has released many cutting-edge financial tools and services since its inception—the most notable of these for individual investors being Shoonya—India’s first truly commission-free trading service.

Shoonya’s sheer impact on the Indian brokerage market with first-in-class features, including zero commissions, zero clearing charges, zero technology fees, zero monthly maintenance charges, zero minimum balance, and zero commitments, make it as significant as the mathematical notation it is named after.

Tajinder Singh, CEO of Finvasia Group, stated, “Shoonya.com and the new Shoonya App is our effort to continue developing our path, which is financially enclosing and where our customers understand our core values and participate well in developing engaging financial ecosystems. With every advancement and step further, we hope to sustain Shoonya’s development momentum in India.”

The migration of Shoonya to its own domain will also benefit Finvasia’s dozen-strong brand portfolio. Going ahead, Shoonya will operate as an independent entity under the aegis of the Finvasia group, sharing the parent company’s vision of offering world-class brokerage services to its customers.

The only change for Shoonya’s existing customers would be the domain name. They will continue to enjoy all the facilities and benefits Finvasia.com currently offers.

Sarvjeet Singh Virk, Co-founder and Managing Director of Finvasia Group, remarked, “Introducing the new website and a whole new Shoonya App for our customers is another step in Finvasia’s quest towards creating “Shoonya ka zamaana” with our technologically driven products on a strict zero-commission trading policy. We are glad that we can contribute valuable experience towards building wholesome ecosystems and delivering real-time end-to-end tech solutions for first-time and professional traders.”

Finvasia.com will continue to function as a global corporate website for all Finvasia group companies, acting as a starting point for all Finvasia’s customers in India, Europe, Africa, Mauritius, Japan, and the GCC region. Finvasia.com will reflect the group’s relentless efforts toward the technologically driven end-to-end financial ecosystem fuelled by the principles of transparency, ethics, innovation, diversity, and an unfailing commitment to quality that has helped it win the trust of thousands of its customers worldwide.



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