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Saban Films drops the official trailer for western thriller titled The Last Manhunt, directed by the actor Christian Camargo.

The film stars Jason Momoa, Lily Gladstone, Martin Sensmeier, Mainei Kinimaka, Zahn McClarnon, Raoul Max Trujillo, Brandon Oakes, and Tantoo Cardinal.

Set in 1909, when a reputed murder sparks a Shakespearean tragedy, Willie Boy accidentally shoots his love interest's father after a confrontation gone wrong. With President Taft coming to town soon, a local sheriff decides to lead two Native American trackers seeking justice for their fallen tribal leader.

Based on a true story told by the Chemehuevi tribe, the film features a primarily Native American ensemble cast. This looks like a bunch of friends went out and made a film in the desert, but it also seems like a worthy Native American story to tell.

The screenplay is written by Thomas Pa'a Sibbett, from a story by Jason Momoa and Thomas Pa'a Sibbett. The makers will announce the release date soon. 



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