The Most Popular Lotteries in Europe

The European lotto offers a wide selection of games that offer big jackpots and better odds. European lottery is the general organizations of public lotteries that work long shots

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The Most Popular Lotteries in Europe

The European lotto offers a wide selection of games that offer big jackpots and better odds. European lottery is the general organizations of public lotteries that work long shots, including sports betting, to support the general society in more than 40 European countries. Each European country has its own national lottery and there are some international lotteries that operate in several countries.

Some of the European lotteries include
The European lottery offers a wide selection of lottery that offers big jackpot and better odds.

Irish Lotto
The Irish Lotto has become one of the favorite game among the lottery players.Participants select six digits between 1 to 47, then Seven digits are drawn this usually comprises six main digits and a bonus number.It happens about twice-weekly. Each win is guaranteed at 2, 000, 000 but rollovers itself can be up to a jackpot of 6 million euros.

UK Lotto
6 digits ranging between 1 and 59 are picked. Tickets for this European lottery can be purchased at any licensed store in the UK, alternatively, it can be played online. You will have to select your own digits or opt for a lucky Dip to receive 6 digits.

German Lotto
The Germany lottery is played on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Here the players will select from 1 and 49 with an extra digits, known as a superzahl, and it is between 0 and 9. In order to become a winner, or hit the jackpot, the player must match all seven digits, but the prizes become available when you match as few as two numbers including the superzahl. The German lottery has a total lottery of nine tiers each one is referred to as a class.

Health Millions
This is an online European lottery which is worth 5 million, played every Monday and Thursday. All bets need to be placed before 8:50pm of the game day as the winning numbers are picked at 9:00pm sharp.

How to play:

· 6 digits 1 to 50, plus a health ball from 1 to 5, are picked.

· You will select how many lines you want to enter

· You will choose to enter the next game or make your subscriptions and

· Then add your bet to the cart and pay for your entries.

Italian SuperEnalotto
This Italian national lotto usually takes place every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 6 digits ranging 1 and 90 are selected. It is won by matching all the 6 main digits. The players need to match all the 6 digits from the numbers that are available to win the prizes. The overall odds of winning in any tier are 1 in 20. Players can also win and receive instant gifts while buying tickets.

It is the biggest, most popular European lottery. Odds of winning this European lottery jackpot are 1:95,344,200. With 12 tiers of winning. 5 digits ranging 1 and 50, are selected plus an dditional two digit from 1 to 10. The numbers need to be matched and all seven numbers drawn to win. The win is priced at 90 million euros. The ticket cost for this European lottery is about 2.50 euros.

French Loto
This loto in France takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Players select five digits from 1 and 10. If the player is able to match all five numbers, then they stand a chance to win the jackpot. The French loto tickets is available online or from an authorized retailer capped 2.20 euros per line. The loto winner can get up to a minimum of 2 million. There are also Special raffles that are held from time to include more winners.

Spanish La Primitiva
The players need to select six main digits from 1 and 49. jackpots are worth a minimum, of 3 million. This lottery is won by matching all the six main digits and the special reintegro digit which is randomly assigned tickets.

Viking loto
This is a multinational lottery, that is usually played in about 10 different countries. The draws are taken every Wednesday at 20:00 CET. The Viking loto players need to select six digits from 1 to 48 and a Viking number that is between 1 and order to win the jackpot, the players need to be able to match all the six chosen numbers and the Viking numbers. The jackpot is worth 3 million euros and roll overs are moved to the next draw.

Spanish El Gordo de Navidad
It is known as the largest and richest worldwide European lottery, which is about an excess of 2 billion euros. The tickets are sold in the form of a billete or a decimo, which is a tenth of a billete. When compared to other raffles, the Spanish El Gordo is different, players need to buy the pre-printed billetes, with each number that is being sold approximately 180 times in a series.

UK Thunderball
UK's national European lottery game which usually is played four times a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It has a fixed 500,000 euros for every jackpot winner.

Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie German Christmas Lottery
This German lotto offers are worth 400,000 euros. Played like a raffle draw and gives thousands of cash prizes to participants.

How to play the game:
Tickets need to be bought for the draw online. Each ticket is said to contain a unique five-digit combination that is between 00000 and 99999. Tickets are usually sold out by 12:00pm on the 26th December which is the scheduled cut off time.

How to play European lottery from India
To play the European lottery from India, you would need to sign up to the recommended European lottery website, then select the European lottery of your choice that you want to play.

How to receive winnings while playing online and offline
When you play the European lottery online, winners that are announced are usually paid either by check or directly into the bank account according to the agreement. However, your claims to your winnings have to be verified first by customer care before you can be contacted to come pick up your prize in person.

Offline winnings
For each prize won, there are protocols and systems in place for receiving winnings, your winning lottery ticket will have to be scanned by the authorized retailer or staff for confirmation before you will be paid.

European Lottery have a long and illustrious history in different countries. European lottery Members manage their sports betting business with the highest level of ethics. The ideals are based on the assumption that social and public order issues take precedence. Players join in on the fun and try out their luck to win life changing prizes. There are also a number of other exciting draws that takes place on a regular basis.